Tuesday, September 1, 2009

mini update... I haven't been TOTALLLY typing all my cals on my phone, but i'm starting again today.

new month. new start. new BETTER me!

I kinda just mentally remember at this point (good or bad... if i can remember what i ate, i'm not eating enough I bet -_-)

I still haven't weighed in. I'm gonna have my period next week (assuming my pills are right, i did spot a little last nite tho) so I'll weigh in after that. Hopefully I'm about 105... no more than 110? I'm all nerves about the thought.

I'm not going to the gym this morning (maybe tonite if I don't visit my bf) because my room needs to be cleaned and i work noon-9pm so I don't wanna run late because of the gym. I also work noon-9pm tomorrow so I'll miss kickboxing. Thurs I have a vacation day and friday I'm off for a long weekend to go to NYC. So I figured I can either do running tonite, tomorrow morning, or both depending on if I hang out with my bf or not.

I'm stockpiled with fruit so I'm pretty much thinking to watch my cals I'm going to eat fruit all day (banana for breakfast, apples,mandarins and grapes) drink an energy drink around the time I get settled into work (like 12:30-1-ish) and depending how I feel at dinner break (5pm) either get a soy skinny vanilla latte (with a double espresso shot! ha!) or a salad (with roasted chicken!).

Reading Vogue at my desk at work makes me kind of motivated. I prefer real girl thinspo... but seeing some the cutting edge fashions makes me wish I could look good in them. Its more about the fashion/clothes than the girls...

Well... i gotta get going... I wanna start getting ready for work at around 10:45 or so...

this is how i'd like to dress this fall... long shirt, leggings, layered thick socks and boots

well across between the first and this girl.. i love her edgy style :-)

black thinspo,brunette,thinspo
so cute!

stomach,asian thinspo,hipbones,legs,thinspo,brunette