Sunday, August 30, 2009

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size 25!! I AM A SIZE 0!!!

so yeah.. i totally did it you guys. I'm a size 0. From a 142 lb size 2 or 4 (26 or 27!) down to a 1-- lb (still afraid to weigh in!) size 0 or 2!!! I'm really pumped. I bought some skinny jeans.. and I figured even though I'm lighter I still am curvy... and asked for 26's and 27's to try on and all the 27's were huge. Some of the 26's were questionable... and the store manager (I'm cool with the people at Lucky Jeans!) was like.. "Well, you're really slim, try some 25's..." and I figured it was the moment of truth.. time to give it a shot

AND THEY FIT. some were a bit constricting but they fit! I was afraid to buy all 0's so I got one pair in a size 0/25 and my other pair is a size 2/26!!!!! I also went in sephora to get a lipgloss cuz I had a gift card. I'm going to macy's to see if I can find a Chanel eyebrow pencil, otherwise I'm gonna get a MAC one when I need more Studio Fix... I really want YSL's new mascara. Apparently it makes you look like you have extensions and Sephora is now carrying YSL cosmetics... I need a better blowdryer and a CHI flatiron too. Trying to be pretty is costly.

anyway, on friday my bf was sick so i went out partying... haha... met some hotties who are trying to "get at me"... I'm non-intersted but all saturday they were blowing up the celly... i figured they'd just be fun party connects if i get bored one day. I DID NOT make out with anyone tho. Ran into some people who I did make out with tho haha... but yeah anywaysss

I'm going to start my new running program from Womens' Health Magazine. if you look at .. its there. I can run for about 7minute before I'm kinda beat and begging myself to keep going. I'm going to start at week one's set of intervals. It also says to start with a 5 minute warm up. I'm gonna do 5 mins on the elliptical beforehand. If you're not going to run outdoors it says to put the tredmill on a 1% incline

Week 1: Run 2 min, walk 3 min; repeat 6 times
Week 2: Run 3 min, walk 3 min; repeat 5 times
Week 3: Run 5 min, walk 2 min; repeat 4 times
Week 4: Run 7 min, walk 3 min; repeat 3 times
Week 5: Run 8 min, walk 2 min; repeat 3 times
Week 6: Run 9 min, walk 1 min; repeat 3 times
Week 7: Run 30 minutes

So on sunday-tuesday-thursday I'm going to do my runs. On tuesday I also do pilates. On weds I do kickboxing. Every other day is pretty much stairstepper and/or Zoomba class.

so i think I SHOULDN'T put on weight as long as I keep up with eating right, taking alli, and stay away from junk food (WHICH I'VE DONE SINCE APRIL BTW!) So now that I am a size 0 my new goal is pretty much either being 99 or 89 lbs. I don't know which will look best on me (I'm like 110-ish if I'm guessing right) size I'm already a 0.

hope you're all doing ok :-)

how are all of you doing with everything! tell me! I wanna see some comments about your lives when I get back from the gym!






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    well done!
    I'm so proud of you! Hope you keep up the good work so you'll stay a zero! size. zero. wuuuh.

    I'll follow you :D Haha

  2. thank you sooo much :-) i'm on my way to the gym now! hhaha i REFUSE to be heavier...i REFUSE to not be a size 0 ever again! i haven't been a size 0 since high schooL! i just graduated college :-)!!!!! and i thin i followed you back... your stuff was in german... i know very little <3

  3. Hurray!! Congrats! That's a perfect goal, to be a size zero, and you got it!! All that's left is to keep it up, which shouldn't be too hard 'cause you already have the jeans. ;D


  4. Size zero. I dont think I have ever been a size zero! So definetaly, congratualations! and thank you for the thinspo. jean thinspo is my favorite!

  5. I just randomly stumbled upon your blog while looking for thinspo! wow it seems like we have allot in common..
    my email is
    do u have bbm?
    i dono i think we would be great at inspiring each other lol!
    anyways my main blog is on xanga but im starting one on here.
    good luck with everything :)

  6. wo0ot love the second picture (: